Buddy MacDonald | biography

Buddy's career as a singer/songwriter and entertainer began twenty five years ago. Born and brought up on the Northern Shores of Cape Breton Island, he was exposed at an early age to the songs and singing of the great Celtic singers of his native island. Much of his song writing is still influenced by the style he was so familiar with as a young boy.

Over the years he has entertained audiences throughout Canada, United States, Scotland, and the Scandinavian countries. He performs as a solo act and as a part of a popular duo, Buddy MacDonald and John Ferguson, they have toured together the last ten years and remain a much sought after act on the Canadian music circuit.

Buddy has shared the stage with many of Eastern canada's Celtic artists, such as: Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIssac, Dave MacIssac, Howie MacDonald, as a guitarist and vocalist. For the past four years he has hosted the Celtic Colours International Music Festivals' late Night "Festival Club" and has hosted and performed at Celtic Colours shows with Scotland's' Dougie MacLean and Irelands' Tommy Maken.
Buddys songs , along with his own recordings, can be heard on releases by such artists as The Summer Time Revue, John Ferguson, John Allan Cameron who also released a video of "Getting Dark Again"), Dave Gunning, McGinty, Tom Leadbeater and his songs continue to be performed by Celtic bands throughout the country. The past two years has seen Buddy's composition "Getting Dark Again" performed to rave revues by the cast of the music production "Needfire" in Toronto.

Whether appearing in a small country hall, pub, festival or concert Buddys' love of singing, song writing and entertaining comes across to bridge the gap between audience and performer.

So come sing along and kick up your heels, whether at your favorite pub, concert hall, convention or festival with Buddy MacDonald.

You'll be glad you came!

Buddy's songs can be heard on:

-Donnie and Buddy at the Gaelic College.
-Getting Dark Again-MacDonald and Ferguson.
-*We Remember You Well-Buddy MacDonald.

* A recently released project which includes ten tracks of Buddy's original material, along with recordings of material written by Fred Lavery, and Ron Gillis. A well-produced recording which highlights Buddys song-writing skills, and his feel for the ways of his native Cape Breton Island.

Other recording of Buddy's work include:

McGinty-Atlantic Favorites

McGinty-Sea Songs

John Allan Cameron-Glencoe Station

Dave Gunning-Lost Tracks

Tom Leadbeater-Songs of Home

Summertime Revue-1995

John Ferguson-After The Ceilidh